The Christian Movement for Life, aka, MOVE

  • a pro-green, vegan, anti-technology group
  • living in a house in West Philadelphia
  • BOMBED by the Philly PD, from the air, on May 13, 1985
  • YES, 1985!!!
  • the city killed 11 people (5 children), burned down 65 homes in a Black, middle-class, West Philly neighborhood, and caused $50,000,000.00 damage - all to “evict” the group and recover two shotguns
  • You know of Mumia Abu-Jamal (3rd photo from bottom) but did you know he was affiliated with MOVE?
  • Ramona Africa (2nd photo from bottom) and one child survived
  • MOVE leader John Africa was murdered that day

This was not the ONLY time an American city was bombed, btw. The first time, it was ALSO whites bombing Black people. And you want to talk about TERRORISM??? 

And what else don’t you know about your country and it’s treatment of Black people?

Get to Googling… AND Youtubing…

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True dat.


True dat.

The Flaming Lips – Free Radicals (1,005 plays)


"Free Radicals" by The Flaming Lips

Luiz Melodia – Pérola Negra (129 plays)


Luiz Melodia - Pérola Negra

I once saw truth
wearing nothing
more than shade
beneath the canopy of
concrete and abstract.

blood and water

waiting for time is the process of priests
praying papal edicts preaching dichotomy
In a ministry above mundane monotony
engrossing starved souls in a direction
seeking salvation from eternal damnation

within confines of urban squalor, settings
are in queue with cloth draped over
hierarchy maintained out of reach for
common folk who kneel below light
bestowed by terms dating back millennia

before thought provoking legitimacy
carried conditions meant to be broken
from heads bowing beneath chalices
filled with blood and water of people
perpetuating order,

fortunately, divinity is in all eyes and ears
of those who listen for subtle sounds found
in a gaze, across a glance, off in the distance
not yet clear, but insight knowing belief is
the value of present


Moodymann - Why Do U Feel

predating the existence of extinction
still sitting, waiting, listening to wind
as it howls at the moon for severance

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (9,387 plays)


Joni Mitchell - A Case of You

Always Home

Slowly meandering the old man rests
his head inside the safety of love
formed over a lifetime. Forging a bond
above the interpretation of what most
would perceive as insanity. His solace
Is sandy beaches keeping the speech
from infiltrating unopened eyes gleaming
with laughter as waves crash over head.